January 21, 2018

3 Pink Eye Treatment Options: How to Cure the Problem Fast

What are your pink eye treatment options? Pink eye is a very common condition that brings with it a number of very uncomfortably symptoms. Anyone who has ever developed this condition wants to get rid of it as soon as possible. If you have developed pink eye, there are three main treatment options you can turn to for relief. One option may be more effective than another based on the cause and severity of the condition.

Self Curing Pink Eye

Some people prefer a pink eye treatment that doesn’t really involve a treatment. There are situations where pink eye may get better on its own.  This is a difficult approach because the patient will have to deal with the symptoms, untreated.  The no treatment approach should only be tried for a few days before taking action.

Pink Eye Treatment at Home

Many patients prefer to try and treat pink eye at home. This approach is often less expensive and much more convenient. Mild cases are curable this way. Home treatments include herbal remedies such as a chamomile tea bag compress or an eyebright wash. The first treatment most people try is a warm wash cloth applied to the closed infected eye. These methods can help sooth itching and redness. Patients have varying degrees of success using home remedies, so it is important to monitor the problem and seek medical help if it does not clear up in less than four or five days.

Professional Medical Pink Eye Treatment

If pink eye does not start to improve after at home treatment, professional medical advice should be sought. There could be another cause that a doctor can identify and come up with a treatment plan that can provide relief. A doctor may choose to prescribe an antibiotic pink eye treatment, although this is not always the case. Some patients are reluctant to see a doctor for such a common condition, but a professional medical practitioner is the most certain way to accurately diagnose the problem.

Pink eye treatment is available in many forms. Find one that works for you. Each situation is unique and the symptoms and cure will depend on what is causing the condition. Patients should monitor their progress to make sure that they are working towards overcoming the problem. If one pink eye treatment doesn’t help, it may be time to try something else.